Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Desert Botanical Garden

 On Easter weekend my mom and I visited the Desert Botanical Garden.  This was my first visit and it was really nice.  The flowers were just about at their peak and lots of birds and critters were out.  It was a warm day, about 90, but some thin clouds came in and made it really nice.  Thought I would share some of the pictures.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

We're Here

Mom's been keeping us so busy.  We need our beauty sleep.
 I've been a really bad blogger lately.  I haven't posted in awhile and I haven't been able to visit blogs as much.  Sorry!  We are doing well though, everyone is healthy and happy.  Well, I have a cold and stayed home today, but hopefully it will be gone soon.

No more fires like this needed.
 It has been a nice spring and we've just been busy.  We've been able to get out on more hikes and our training has picked up since the yard is clear of snow.

Happy Easter Bunnies.
Astro is really coming along in agility training.  Someday I need to have someone take pictures or video of him so I can share them.  His focus is really improving.  In our last three practices he has not left me to visit or gotten the zoomies.  He's still got the potential to do those things, but he's made great progress.  Our other big hold up is my lack of handling skills.  But, We're taking monthly lessons and I think I'm improving too, probably at a slower rate than Astro though.  :-)

PJ wants in on the fun too.
We went to visit my parents Easter weekend and a week or so ago.  It's getting pretty hot in Phoenix.  The last time we went Zephyr and Astro just about melted.  I brought our agility equipment home since the snow is gone.  Maybe we'll make it down one more time so we can swim in the pool.