Saturday, May 30, 2009

PackHound Training

Our friends Chris and Dan have two Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs, Friday and Linus. Besides getting together for play dates we also go hiking together and Friday and Zephyr are in training for the first two legs of their Pack Dog certificate through the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Club of America. Linus is still a puppy so he doesn't carry a pack yet and just goes along for the hikes. The dogs have to build up to carrying at least 20% of their weight at the start of each days hike. So far the hardest thing about the training is keeping the dogs from exploding in to full out playing when they are supposed to be "working".

Friday and Zephyr love to splash it up.

They really seem to love hiking together.

The official hike is planned for the end of August and it will be an overnight primitive hike that will require the humans to wear packs too. So far we have at least two Swissy's, one Bernese Mountain Dog, and one Greyhound training for the hike. I have heard rumor that we may have a Bearded Collie and a Papillon join us too.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Spring Hiking

During March the snow started to melt so we were able to start doing more hiking. This is a hike out Pump House Wash which is really close to our house. As long as we get good snowfall and summer rains this is one of the few creeks in Flagstaff that will have at least a little water all year long.

Some parts get deep enough for Zephyr to swim in. Here he is doing his Blue Heron imitation.

From the parking lot it's about a mile and a half to where the canyon gets a little rocky and bushy. But, there are lots of other trails that link with this and go off into the forest so you can really make the hike as long as you like.

Zephyr loves to play in the water and here was trying to bite the splashes.

A handsome little beast!

Just past here is were the canyon gets rocky. Most people don't come back here so this is one our favorite off leash play spots.

Zephyr likes to play in the water a little bit.

And then get a major case of the Zoomies!

What a happy dog!

Afterwards he warmed up in the sun for awhile and let me take some photos.

He even did some nice stays so I could take some timed photos of us together.

Until he got bored.

And decided it was time to play some more!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Play, Play, Play!

One of the best things about going to Albuequerque for lure coursing or shows is that we get to stay with our friends Sarah and Peter and their dogs Chinle and Yeasa. Chinle, Yeasa, and Zephyr get along great. They alternate between playing and hanging out in the grassy back yard. Zephyr loves it because we don't have other dogs or grass in our back yard. :-) Here are some pictures from one of their play sessions while the adults were having a little party in the background.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Check Us Out!

Well, Zephyr and I have been giving conformation showing a try. This weekend we went to the Durango, Co shows. We didn't win but this is pretty cool.

We made the front page of the local paper!

Bruce Clark, left, with Tallualah, and Caron Jones, with Zephyr, both greyhounds, strut their stuff Sunday at the Montezuma County Fairgrounds at the Durango Kennel Club’s annual dog show.

Very exciting!

I'm still not sure what to think of conformation showing. With me being so new it is really hard, and it requires a lot of travel to get to shows with greyhounds which also requires a lot of money. And, although I like it, it's not as exciting lure coursing or agility (which is still a dream). But, we have had some fun. The week before Zephyr won reserve in Albuquerque which had many greyhounds entered.

We'll see how it goes.