Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Well, I have been very, very bad about posting pictures and keeping everyone updated on Astro's progress. The good news is it was only because we were having way too much fun together. Everything is going great! Astro finished Puppy Kindergarten, with high marks of course :-), and will start a basic obedience class in late January. Astro and his big brother Zephyr are the best of buds. I can't say enough about how happy Zephyr is to have a brother. Astro has visited my 3rd grade class a few times and has a great time with the kids, that is before he gets exhausted and falls asleep by my desk. He went to his first dog show in Yuma where Zephyr won his first conformation point. We went on lots of hikes before the snow came. Astro loves the snow! Zephyr did another Pack Hike towards his certificate. Astro has been teething for about a month now, he's just got 3 baby teeth left now. I've found 12 of the teeth he's lost, for some reason they seem to fall out in the areas that he and Zephyr rough house in. ;-) So, I'm just going to post a lot of pictures from the past few months. It's all the writing that keeps me from posting so I figure the pictures can tell the story.

I hope everyone is having a great winter and wonderful holiday season!

How do you take a 10 week old puppy with a sore leg on a 5 mile hike? Carry him of course!

Aunt Bonnie and Uncle Roger.


I think I'll relax now.

"I love you Astro"
"I love you too Zephyr"

The best of buds.
Bones are yummy!

Lets go hiking!

Dry Lake Hills hike with Marlies.

Our Pack Dog friends.

Linus, Sky, and Charlie wait for treats. Charlie is a Papillon, if you click on the picture you can see him.


It's little Bonnet Boy! I love those ears!

Happy Happy Winter Everyone!