Thursday, August 11, 2011

Forest Agility

Some pictures from Astro's Open Standard Forest Agility run.  ;-)

Beautiful Start Line Stay.  Notice how focused he is on his handler who is doing a Lead Out.

A Frame

Tight right turn after a Pinwheel of jumps.


Oops, can't help but notice the scenery.

Dog Walk

Ready for the Triple Jump.

WEEE!  I'm flying!

No bars knocked there!

And he crosses the finish line a happy boy.  Of course he got a qualifying score.  This boy will have his MFACH in no time!


jcp said...

HA.. that's great! And no penalties.

jet said...

looks like so much fun! Barbie does some amazing jumping at home but when I try to get her to jump a proper jump she thinks too much about it

houndstooth said...

You make agility look like a lot more fun than I've ever seen before! I want to take classes with you!


Sue said...

If only classes were like that:)

Astro is looking good.

Jennifer said...

Great pics-looks like a fun day! :)


Anonymous said...

That looks like the most fun agility course ever Astro! I want to do forest agility! Mom! Mom! I want to do forest agility! :D

Waggin at ya,

Greyhounds CAN Sit said...

Awesome photos and Astro is very proud of himself:) He did very well. Ah, if only the real thing was in a forest!

I've just passed on the 7 links challenge to you. The details are on my latest blog post.

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

Love the "log"walk and the log jump. I can never seem to capture a good jump photo over something natural.

gyeong said...

That course looks way cooler than the usual PVC variety.

Tina said...

Nice blog and beautiful hounds! I hopped over from Terri with Apollo and Ava's blog and like what I see, so now you have a new follower from Germany! This post about outdoor agility made me love so much, being a former agility active and trainer (with my now 15 yo blue heeler)...

A Trifle Rushed said...

What wonderful dogs! We have an ex racer here in the UK, best dogs in the world :-)

Michelle said...

That log walk and jump is really cool!! Great pics. ;)