Thursday, August 4, 2011

Bath Time

This picture reminds me of the first bath I gave Zephyr when he was a puppy.  See below.
I gave Zephyr a bath today.  I have to admit this was his first real bath since right after he got sick.  I don't usually bathe them too often, a few times a year, and a rinse in between if they get real muddy.  I noticed that he had a bit of an odor awhile ago, but then we got busy dealing with seizures, the follow up with the neurologist, and more chemo, and then too much time had past.  I also wanted to wait until he was past the low part of this last chemo treatment so as to not get him soaking wet when he was not feeling well and susceptible to infection, etc.

Sweet boy after his post bath zoomies.  He's about 4 months old in this picture.
Astro does the Flying Bunny Rabbit after his last bath in June.
Anyway, this odor Zephyr had was not the normal dirty dog smell.  It had some of those components :-) , but there was definitely something else.  I think it was a smell from the chemotherapy and maybe everything his body has been through.  I had heard that people undergoing chemo can have a different smell.  It's hard to describe, but it was kind of a mediciney, chemically, metalliccy, musty, definitely not normal smell.  And, I have to say I kind of feel like a jerk for not washing him sooner.

Handsome guy getting ready to go chase a squirrel.
Zephyr was great during the bath.  We just go in the tub and shut the door.  I give them treats during baths so even though it's not their favorite thing both of them will step in to the tub on their own.  His fur has thinned from the chemo and it's not in as good of condition.  I think for dogs chemo doesn't make the fur fall out, but when it naturally falls out, or is shaved, it grows back in very slowly.  This makes since given shaved areas from March aren't fully grown in yet.  I've also noticed that he has gotten more white fur on his muzzle.  It will be interesting to see if the funny smell comes back after the shampoo smell wears off.  Zephyr washed up super fine though.  His fur is shinier and really soft and smooth.  Even better for cuddling.


houndstooth said...

Our dogs always have a funny smell after being at the vet's office anyway. Something in there just clings to them. I wouldn't be surprised if the chemo was at least one of the culprits!

Bunny is all atwitter over the naked Zephyr shots! She says he looks just fine from here.

Sue said...

I bet both Zephyr and Astro feel better for their baths.

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

That is one of my favorite things about greyhounds.... few baths needed. I try to bath mine once a year. :-)

Suzanne said...

The infrequent need for baths is a bonus with the greys. Did they do zoomies after they were out of the bath?

Greyhounds CAN Sit said...

I can imagine all the chemo etc would leave Zephyr smelling a bit odd. I hope he soon smells like a dog again;) I think I've bathed Beryl twice since I got her 16 months ago.

Zephyr looks so cute as a puppy:)

Michelle said...

I agree the vets office does leave a stink on hounds. Our get baths every 3-4 months. They start to stink.

gyeong said...

Love it when they are clean and smell wonderful (at least to us). So not sure why my guys haven't gotten a bath in over a year.

Angela said...

Zephyr was adorable as a puppy, of course! I wish I could have seen our greys when they were wild and crazy puppies :) Maybe we should start giving treats during bath time too because our guys are definitely not happy with us during a bath!