Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sunday Trip

The Sunday after Astro and I hiked I took both boys back out to the fall colors.  It was a big day for Zephyr, we went on a few short walks, they posed for many pictures, and we were out for most of the day. 
Zephyr was really happy to be out and was full of energy.  They broke out in this type of wrestling many times.  I just have to keep the leashes out of the way.  Zephyr's skin is really thin and it gets scraped, cut, and bruised easily because of his treatment.  And, it takes longer to heal, so I don't let him get too rowdy.

I got good news last week.  Zephyr's liver function has improved.  It's not normal yet, but he's still taking a small amount of phenobarbital.  He should be off it by Friday and that will continue to help his liver.  The neurologist also gave the okay to reduce his procarbazine (chemo med.) to every other day.  That should help his liver too.  It will also start bringing his immune system back to normal.  I just hope it doesn't also bring the encephalitis back.  His white blood cell count was a little lower which is probably due to the procarbazine.  That should improve as he goes to every other day.  She told me to take it easy with him and not over do it though.  As a result Zephyr (and all the others) has had to have fresh cooked beef added to his meals.  Poor puppy.  ;-)

I was brave and let them both off leash at the same time and let them run.  They were really good, no crazy zooming.  I let them run into the trees in the distance and then called them back a couple times.

The highest peak in the back is Humphrey's Peak, the highest point in Arizona.  The high point on the Bear Jaw - Abeneau hike is below Humphrey's to the left in the canyon.

We also walked a little on the Arizona trail.  It's a trail that goes throughout Arizona. 

It was so nice to be out with both Zephyr and Astro for the day.  It's been so long and he was so happy.  We stayed off the popular trails and had some nice quiet walks.

While I was trying to get timed photos Zephyr decided to lay down an roll in the grass.  Happy boy!

Astro joined him.

This is the best that I got for a family portrait.  I'm sure Zephyr and Astro think I'm nuts.


houndstooth said...

That's a great picture of the three of you together! I suspect you'll be glad you have it later on.

What a fabulous place to hike! I love seeing the different places that other people have to visit. We managed to get out some yesterday, too!

The Barn Door said...

What a beautiful place to hike!!! So funny to see the how differing the terrain in AZ can be from one part of it to the next. The boys look like they are having a blast!!

Declan said...

Looks like everyone was out having fun yesterday! Deccy x

Sue said...

Fab photos. What a fab place to hike. So glad both boys enjoyed themselves.

What great news about Zephyrs results.

Anonymous said...

Good news about Zephyr! Keep it up guy :)

You have such a beautiful place for hikes! Wow! Didn't know that kind of terrain could be found in Arizona. Simply gorgeous :) Glad y'all got out and played in the sunshine :D

Waggin at ya,

Hound Girl said...

Wow so beautiful. Im glad that the liver function is getting better and you can lower the phenob. Did you ever try milk thisyl(spelling not sure), depending on Freds next liver count I might start using it.

Kari in Vegas said...

Good news and beautiful hike!

Stop on by for a visit

jcp said...

Beautiful. Very nice picture of you guys together. I really like the 5th one in the open field as well.

gyeong said...

They look so happy to be out on the trails with each other.

Angela J. said...

What a beautiful, fun day! So glad he's doing better. I was just thinking I don't have any pictures of us with the hounds...I might have to try out the timer on my camera too.

Lindy MacDuff said...

What a great place for you and the hounds to hike. We were just through that area a little over a week ago, hoping to get photos of the aspen on Humphrey's Peak but it was nowhere near as colorful as your image shows. Wishing Zephyr a continued successful recovery.

KB said...

I am so happy to read that Zephyr was able to hike with you and Astro!!!!! What a wonderful day.

I know the feeling of holding your breath and letting a fragile dog have fun. It's scary... but it sure makes them happy!

I hope that the med reduction goes smoothly.

Greyhounds CAN Sit said...

Oh, I'm so envious of you having a wonderful area like that where the dogs can run free! Frankie in particular would be in his element. It looks like Zephyr and Astro made the most of their day out with Mum. Love the family portrait.

That's great news about Zephyr. I hope he keeps on improving and is back to normal very soon.

Angela said...

These are all great photos and I just love the fall colors! The leases definitely get in the way for pictures, but I would be way too nervous to let our kids off lead. I'm pretty sure they would totally ignore us and take off on a grand adventure! Great news about Zephyr, I'm so glad he continues to improve!

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

So good to see Zephyr having such a good time!

Nibs said...

Absolutely beautiful photos, completely breathtaking!