Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Saturday Fall Hikes

"Let's hit the trail!"
Last Saturday Chris and I took Friday, Linus, and Astro on our second annual fall colors hike.  We went back to the Bear Jaw - Abeneau loop trail.  It was a beautiful fall day, nice and warm.

"How many times do you think we'll have to do this today?"
Our first break was next to this lovely rock that we managed to get all three boys to pose on at the same time.  Persistence pays off.

The aspens were in various stages of loosing their leaves.  Some were still green, some were bright yellow, and some had fallen off.

"La, la, la, you can't catch me!"
The boys had a great time running and playing in the snow.  We had a storm a week or so before the hike.  Most of it had melted, luckily there were some spots big enough for romping.

Proud Mom
We took a nice break at the top of the trail.

"I know there are things for me to chase out there."
Astro was always sniffing around on the trail, pulling me ahead, and always looking out into the forest for all the critters that he knows are there.

The trail going down Abineau Canyon is pretty steep.  The upper half was taken out by an avalanche and the trail was never officially redone so it's rough and gravely in some place.  Combine that with some packed snow and some big dogs in front of us and we were in for a tricky descent.

Aspen at the end of the trail.
Another great hike with great friends!

"Am I really off leash in the forest?"
Zephyr was so excited and happy when Astro and I got home and I felt guilty for him having to stay home, so I had to take him out for his own hike.  We went to "Off Leash Canyon" and I actually let him off leash for a little bit.  It almost seemed like he was so surprised to be off leash that he wasn't sure what to do.  He had fun checking things out and doing some short gallops though.

Handsome guy in the afternoon sun.
Poor Zephyr had to pose for pictures too.  Notice the ribs you can see?  A month ago I couldn't see them very well.  He still has a way to go, but it's so nice to be able to go out for a little hike with Zephyr again.


Kari in Vegas said...

One of the best possible ways to spend the day

Stop on by for a visit

The Barn Door said...

Beautiful!!! Obviously cooler up there than it is down here in the valley!! Do you have rattlesnakes up there too??? I don't want to go out hiking till it cools off and they hibernate.

Declan said...

What a fantasic place to take the boys

Sue said...

What a wonderful place to hike.

So glad Zephyr is picking up and able to join in with you and Astro.

jet said...

wow, snow!! my dogs would love to play in that I bet :)

houndstooth said...

I am jonesing to get out and hike in the worst way, and now it's gotten worse! What a beautiful and spectacular place to get out and stretch your legs.

Astro, you look fantastic!

Hound Girl said...

Awesome job of all 3 of them on the rock, im impressed. I wish we had places in Texas to go hiking like that. Oh yeah snow

Hound Girl said...
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Michelle said...

That is a lovely place to hike! Beautiful photos. :) Don't like the snow part though. Too early for that!

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

So glad Zephyr got a hike of his own... so much better than a treadmill!

gyeong said...

Love the 'proud mom' view. How long did it take to get all three boys to line up on that rock? Zephyr looks quite happy to have some off-leash time.

Bailey Be Good! said...

What beautiful scenery to go with such beautiful doggies!! :)

Woofs & hugs, <3

~Bailey (Yep, I'm a girl!)

Greyhounds CAN Sit said...

That looks like an awesome hike, can we join you some time? So glad Zephyr got a hike on his own. I feel the same when I take Beryl to Greyhound things and have to leave Frankie behind! He is looking really good now:)

Two Greyhound Town said...

Beautiful photos!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous place for a hike! The trees were so tall and straight and that patch of snow was way special :) Glad you made it down the cliff okay!

Waggin at ya,

Winnie said...

Those pix are amazing

Beautiful scenery

Love and licks Winnie

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

You can also buy those balance boards and cushions from the company directly...

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

Actually, Amazon was cheaper for shipping.