Tuesday, March 15, 2011

We Are Stylish

Last week I was awarded the Stylish Blogger Award by This is Lauren (and Greyhounds!).  I've seen some of these blog awards but this is the first time my blog has received one, so I'm pretty excited.  Thanks to Lauren and Bernie!

To accept the award I have to give eight facts about myself and then pass the award on to eight other blogs.  So, here we go.

1.  My first dog was a Doberman, Bandit, that we had when I was a kid.  I did a lot of hiking/walking with him too.  I once told him "sick um" when some kids where bullying me (we were in my fenced yard and the kids on the other side), he scared them away.  :-)

2.  My first cats were Siamese, Tom and Molly.  Tom would sleep with me and sometimes I'd wake up with him laying across my neck.

3.  After having short hair for well over 10 years I'm letting it grow and it's a little past my shoulders now.

4.  Zephyr was the first dog I had as an adult and the first dog I've trained.  Poor boy!

5.  I've never been to Europe, but hope I get there one day.

6.  I've been to Australia three times, and hope I get to go back someday.

7.  I'd like to live somewhere else besides Arizona someday.

8.  I really like ice cream.

Here are the eight + 1 blogs that I'm giving the Stylish Blogger Award to.

1.  Graceful Greyhounds
2.  The 'splorin" Wolfies
3.  Aragon Greyhounds
4.  Jet's Furkid Palace
5.  Never Say Never Greyhounds
6.  A Dog's Journey
7.  Sweetheart's Story
8.  A Dog Blog
9.  Tales and Tails


houndstooth said...

Thanks for sharing the award with us! :D

I love travelling, and I've never been off our continent. I envy you!

lol I had a Sheltie growing up that I told to "sic 'em," too, but apparently they aren't as intimidating as Dobermans!

jcp said...

Wow.. Thanks for sharing the award!.
Houndstooth and Bunny definitely deserve it. Although Kassa and I don't think we are particularly Stylish, we humbly accept. I too have never been off continent. I told my neighbor's dog to sic another neighbor's dog that was jumping all over me. To my surprise he playfully chased him around. I didn't have a dog of my own then.

Hiking Hounds said...

Kassa's a very handsome stylish guy. I really like his collar.

I love all the "sic 'em" stories. Glad I'm not the only one, and now I know how to spell it too. :-)

jet said...

I tell Barbie to 'get him' when Bender is being annoying. She ignores me. Hahah.

Thankyou for passing on the award :)

Greyhounds CAN Sit said...

Congratulations on your award:)

I'd just love to live somewhere that didn't have winter seeing as ours is approaching. But it would probably come with ticks, snakes and all sorts of dangerous things for the kids.

The 'splorin' Wolfies said...

we don't actually play awards games because we are too lazy but we really love that you though of us! We love your blog--and can't resist giant pointy hounds!!!

Hiking Hounds said...

Oh yes, we are experts at lazy around here!

Sue said...

Congrats on your blog award and thank you so much for sharing it with me:)

If you ever make your Europe trip and drop into England, let me know and I'll put the kettle on for a cuppa:)