Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - Balance Beam - Updated

Annie needed a little help down.  As far as I know this was the first time she was up there.  Early in the morning I heard a crash and bang.  I just thought "Oh those cats must have knocked something over".  When she wasn't there for breakfast I called her and this is where she was.  I'm not sure if she was on the "beam" the whole time or if she jumped to the back window sill too.  She had to have made a big jump to get up there, I was impressed.

Many years ago, over 15, I woke in the middle of the night to my bed shaking, closet doors rattling, and a rumbling sound.  Again, I thought something like "Those cats are crazy, running around shaking the house".  Soon I realized it was an earthquake.  ;-)  I was a geology student after all.  It was my first earthquake, a little over a 5, and I was really excited.


Sue said...

Nice photo.

houndstooth said...

Hee hee! Don't sneeze up there! Are you planning to run away and join the circus?


Greyhounds CAN Sit said...

I hope she got down OK? Or did she need help?

sophie...^5 said...

Earthquakes scare the living daylights out of be extra careful OK....PS I wanted to thank you for the kind birthday wishes! Cheers!

Chloe said...

hi just discovered your blog. Love the photos and stories of your dogs

i have always wanted a grey hound, and will get one someday, for now i have a grehound/ border collie cross from the SPCA who is my constant companion.

im a complete animal lover and currently have a couple of wild horses i rescued and am currently training to ride

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Greyhounds CAN Sit said...

So, has Annie been up there again or has her first experience put her off?

I quite enjoy earthquakes, but having said that I've never experienced a REAL big, devastating one. I think it's the little adrenalin rush I like when I realise it's an earthquake. I don't lead a very exciting life, lol!

Suzanne said...

Was that the Cataract Creek eq of 1993? I was in that one as well and working at the Earthquake Information Center at NAU at the time. Did you go to NAU for GLG?