Thursday, February 17, 2011

Beaver Creek Hike

Along the Beaver Creek Trail

We've had some nice weekends with above normal temperatures in the past month, so I've been able to go on a few nice hikes south of Flagstaff kind of near the Sedona area.  The temperatures down there were in the upper 50's to 60's, so it was really nice.  The first part of the trail is along a road that is only used by the Forest Service or U.S. Geological Survey to reach a gauging station.  The road parallels the creek and there are many spots where you can reach the creek along the road.  The boys and I were so happy to be walking on warm dry dirt rather than cold icy snow.

Zephyr cools off in chilly water from snow melt.

After walking about 2.5 miles back there is a nice area with a big pool.  There was a lot of water in the creek from snow melt higher up and I thought the water would have been pretty cold.  So, I was a little surprised when Zephyr and Astro went right in the water.

Astro is still hesitant about going in deep water, he'll only go up to a few inches past his chest, and he hasn't swam yet.  That will be a goal for this coming summer.

After cooling off in the water they tend to get spunky and start zipping through the trees.  It seems like most of the time Zephyr chases Astro, and Astro does a great job of keeping Zephyr on his toes with fast turns.

This spot is a favorite because it also has a sandy beach.  The trail keeps going for many miles and it's a popular backpacking hike.  Further up the canyon gets narrower and there are lots of pools that you have to swim through to keep going.  We did this hike back in January, but there have been a few other nice weekends and we've been able to get out since then.  We are supposed to get more snow this weekend, so probably no hiking.  But, maybe the boys will get to play in some fresh snow?


jcp said...

What a fantastic looking location!

jet said...

Barbie hasn't swam yet either. Not sure how to encourage her. I am thinking about getting her a life jacket to help with bouyancy...

houndstooth said...

I have a life jacket for Bunny and I'm hoping we'll get a chance to try it out sometime this summer. She's pretty fearless, so I think she'll give it a shot.

I love that area where you hiked! I'm a bit envious. We're due for rain over the weekend, and I'm hoping that it will at least melt off the snow.

The girls insisted that I blow up the pictures and they wanted the boys to know that they appear to be in fine form! ;)

Aragon greyhounds said...

Gosh you always post the most beautiful hiking photos. It reminds me of my Colorado days,so wish I were there with you.

Sue said...

Fab photos. Hope you can go again when it's warmer.

I took Song to the bach last summer. We went right up to the waters edge, but she just looked at me as if to say 'whatever':)

Greyhounds CAN Sit said...

Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog just now:) You reminded me that I was going to mention Greyhounds and hiking and your blog too, so I just updated it. I love seeing where you go and the fun your kids have:)

Edina♥Regina said...

fantastic location you and your greyhound are lucky!!!
(we both are Scorpio ... WOW)

Jenny said...

Beautiful photos!!! I'm so is so jealous!!!! I'd love to see his reaction to water, but alas, I don't know of any places totally fenced in/safe enough to let him experience it off lead in Maryland :/ Hopefully one day, before the end of his days :).

In the meantime, we'll just envy your happy hounds ;)