Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Lure Coursing Fun

The last two weekends we have gone lure coursing! Zephyr loves it! Last weekend we went to Black Canyon City at the Krazy Horse Ranch. Zephyr finished his JC on Saturday and went on to two great runs on Sunday. YAAA!

This is a video of his second run. He looks like a small dot but I think you can see that he is really following the lure well.

This weekend we went to New Mexico for a trial outside of Albuquerque, in Stanley. Unfortunately things didn't go as well. On his first run a dog came up from behind and got a bit grumpy at Zephyr. Zephyr was startled and turned around and gave the other dog the business. He did continue to run the course though. The other dog was excused for the day. Then on his second run a dog came from behind again and bumped him. Not on purpose or aggressively but it startled him again. After this he was concerned about the other dogs and was looking over at the other dogs and even moving out to let them pass. Needless to say I feel really bad because I want this to be fun for him. He still loves to run and had a great practice run. So, I think we will take a break from coursing for a few weeks. Maybe we'll do a practice in early November and then a trial in late November. The rule for everything we do is "it has to be fun".


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