Tuesday, May 14, 2013

School Boys

 In an attempt to prevent Zephyr and Astro from getting cuts on their feet and legs I've taken them to some different areas to run lately.  One place that we've gone is the school field.

 I've always wanted to take them there, but because there was an open section of the fence by the road I hesitated.

Recently they put a full gate in that area so we went and tried it out.  They had a great time running through the field.

We had the whole place to ourselves for over an hour and not a drop of blood was shed. 


jet said...

that looks like an xcellent place to stretch ones legs!

What Remains Now said...

Hurray! no blood. That is always good. Looks like the kids had a great time.

houndstooth said...

It sounds like a rousing success to me! The boys look like they think so, too!

Claire Krigbaum said...

Perfect! We go to several school fields near our house sometimes when I don't feel like driving all the way to the hills.

Sue said...

So wish we had somewhere here that was fenced in, so Polly could be let off lead. She has to make do with dad's garden, which luckily is large.

Lovely to see your two enjoying themselves.

Declan said...

What a fabulous place. Mind you I managed to cut my foot in Ganny's garden which looks much less dangerous than your field!! Deccy x