Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Very Happy Belated Birthday, Zephyr!

Well I must be the worst mom ever.  Months have gone by since Zephyr's 6th birthday, two to be exact, and I have not properly celebrated it with our blog friends.  Obviously I've been a little out of touch.

January 6 was Zephyr's birthday.  It's hard to believe he is 6 years old.  Zephyr says six is the new three and he wanted his birthday post to show him in all his glory.  So, he's giving you a peak at his new layout that will be in next month's issue of PlayGrey.  ;-)

Cute and Coy.

What a tease!

Seriously handsome.  (We'll explain the bandage later)

Playful too.

Enjoying a tasty birthday treat.

Cares about others and shares.

How is Zephyr such a sweet hottie at 6 years old?  Lots of beauty rest. 


houndstooth said...

Hubba hubba!

Happy Birthday, Zephyr! You know, I'm six years old, and I still consider myself a puppy. Now to go print off those pictures...


What Remains Now said...

Happy Birthday, Zephyr. Looks like it was a good one. Maybe insist on a few extra treats today to commemorate your "blog" birthday.

Claire Krigbaum said...

Mmm, tracheas! We have not tried those yet.
Happy Birthday, Zephyr!

Declan said...

Looking good fella. All the best dogs are 6 this year.....! Deccy x

Sue said...

Happy Birthday Zephyr. Your are one handsome lad.

Love the photos, but the second one is so cute and the last one made me smile:)

gyeong said...

Happy belated Birthday!!! Such a handsome and sweet fella.

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