Thursday, July 7, 2011

Does This Medicine Make My Butt Look Big?

Update Note: For those of you who ended up here because you are really looking for a medicine that will make your butt or hips bigger.....  You need to stop that!  There is nothing wrong with you.  You are perfect and beautiful just the way you are!  Now, go eat some ice cream.  :-)

Zephyr:  Mom, is my medicine making my butt look big?

Me:  What do you mean, Zephyr?

Zephyr:  My Butt, is it bigger, fatter, softer, rounder?!

Me:  Zephyr, you look great!  Besides, people don't accuse me of dog abuse anymore.

Zephyr:  Agh.  Mom, look close, see how you can't even see my pelvic bones poking out on my back anymore?  And, look it's all puffy and big on my back above where my pelvic bones used to show!

Me:  Zephyr, prednisone does those kind of things.  It makes you hungrier and it can even make you look all puffy and bigger even when you haven't really gained weight.  I've seen that happen to people.  Plus, you've been very sick and you've had to take it really easy and focus on healing the past 4 months.  Which, you've done an excellent job at by the way.

Zephyr:  Look, even my belly is bigger and wider!  I don't like this, I'm not able to go on the big hikes and run and play like I want too.  And, what's up with the heat this summer?  It seems like it's warmer and I don't like it at all.  Also, I'm worried the other dogs will make fun of me and the girls won't think I'm cute.  Oh ya, and my fur on my arms and belly still hasn't even grown all back from when they shaved it, the fur on my lower back legs has thinned, and my skin has been so dry!  This is so frustrating, I've always prided myself on my nice fur.

Me:  Oh Zephyr, I know, I don't like these things either.  But, I'm thinking these are all normal for a pup who's been through so much.  You've been recovering from encephalitis, through three chemotherapy treatments, getting seizures controlled, and taking prednisone.  You're actually doing so well!  Besides in the past 2 weeks we've been able to reduce your prednisone from 5mg twice a day to 5mg once a day.  We could try not giving you fresh cooked ground beef with your meals as often? That might help with your waistline and roundness?

Zephyr:  Ya, I do feel better, but it makes me feel all achy, groany, and tired for about 4 days after we reduce the prednisone.  I know you tried to make it better by only doing 2.5mg reductions at a time, but it was still yucky.  Very funny about the beef, Ggrrr.

Me:  I know, I'm sorry about not feeling well.  We'll do even smaller reductions next time.  But, don't you feel so much better now?  I don't think you have to worry about the other dogs or girls, Zephyr.  Friday is so happy you're getting better, and Kenda sure was happy to see you the other day. You've actually been able to get out on a lot more walkies lately and they're getting longer.  And, what about our walk down to Pumphouse Wash this morning, wasn't that nice?

Zephyr:  It's true I do feel better now, and Pumphouse Wash was awesome!  I loved being off leash and the water was so nice and cool!

Me:  Ya, and I think I saw you doing some running.  You were so happy!

Zephyr:  It was so fun running through the grass and down the trail!  I can't go at my top speed yet or as long.  But it sure felt great!  Why didn't you bring the camera?  No one will believe I was there, and that's really not good blogging, Mom.

Me:  I know, I've been lame lately and always forgetting the camera.  It's hard because usually I have you and Astro both on leash.  It's not easy holding two Flexi's with moving dogs in one hand and taking pictures with the other you know.

Zephyr:  Okay, but I think you need to remember the camera.  People are going to start thinking I'm just being lazy and livin' like a prince or something like that.


houndstooth said...

Zephyr, we all took a look here on the computer and we agree that you're still quite handsome! Blueberry would like you to know that her fur is still a tad sparse on top of her head where they shaved it last November to take the cancer lump off, and she's not worried about it even a little bit. She says it's cooler for the summer. We're not getting to hike as much this summer as we want either, because the weather doesn't always cooperate, but we make the most of it when we do get to go. Cooler weather and more adventures will be here before you know it. Also, we're all supposed to be living like royalty -- that is not a strike against you!


Angela J. said...

Zephr, we went back and read all the posts about how sick you were and everything you went through and we want you to know how very brave and strong you are! You look great to us!

Maddy, Veil and Beckett

IHeartDogs said...

I think you look greyt for a pup who has been through so much! We are happy you are looking and feeling better internally; your external good looks will come back soon. Be patient with your Mama :)
So glad to hear you have been able to run off leash a little. Keep it up handsome!

The Barn Door said...

Zephyr I think you look greyt for all you've been through!

Sue said...

Zephyr me and Song think you are a handsome fella. the main thing is you are getting better after a very scary illness.

Loving the last photo:)

Kini_pella said...

Your Mom is right Zephyr. You look greyt :). Hang in there, bud!

Greyhounds CAN Sit said...

Just more of you for Mum to cuddle, Zephyr. Beryl still thinks you guys are both hot!

Angela said...

Well, at least you have an excuse :) I still think any girl would melt at your feet for you though, handsome boy!