Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas 2010

Zephyr, Astro, and I went to Phoenix to my parent's for Christmas.  The weather was perfect, upper 60's to low 70's.  Zephyr and Astro always get so excited when we visit.  They love the nice big grassy yard and pretty much play constantly while we're there.
The Contortionist
Christmas morning was super fun for Zephyr and Astro.  They got to tear up wrapping paper!  Both boys love paper.  Astro even found a box of biscuits after he ripped up some.
Somehow Zephyr managed to get wrapped up in a long piece of packaging paper.  I can't imagine how something like that would happen.  ;-)  Astro had fun chasing him around.
Even Puter had some fun in the pile of paper.
This is PJ, my parent's dog.  He has mixed feelings about Zephyr and Astro.
He was an only puppy, so he's not sure what to think about how playful and exuberant Zephyr and Astro are.  But he's learning.  He runs with them some and plays a little.  He gets overwhelmed when both of them try to play with him at the same time.  But, he's doing a lot better.
This is Tiger.  They have another cat, Mace.  Their three cats are brothers and sister whose mom was a stray that my parents took in.
Christmas afternoon we all went to my aunt and uncle's where the boys got to play with Buster, who they love.  Buster followed some kids to my aunt's school when he was a puppy.  No one responded to all the signs they put up, etc., so my aunt and uncle kept him.  That was many years ago.  Both Zephyr and Astro have played with Buster since they were puppies.
The house behind had a strange kind of dog that Zephyr wasn't sure about at first.  It is a large Pot Bellied Pig.  He or she was pretty funny, and would come up to the fence when ever the dogs were playing or talking to each other through the fence.  I think I even saw it wag its tail.

The boys were exhausted when we got home.  They get so excited when we visit that they don't eat much either, drives me nuts.  So, after eating a nice meal when we got home, they fell fast asleep.

Happy New Year!


houndstooth said...

Color me green with envy over your weather! I'm so glad you guys had a great Christmas. The boys certainly looked like they enjoyed themselves. I'll be giggling over that pig wagging its tail for a while!

Sue said...

Fabby photos. The last one is so cute.

Hapy New Year to you.

Angela said...

Love that last snuggle picture - it's no wonder they were exhausted after such a fun and busy day :)

Two Greyhound Town said...

Wow, they sure had a lot of fun...lucky pups to have somewhere fun like that to go to for the holidays.

gyeong said...

Your boys sure know how to have fun!

Lin said...

OMG, I'm a sucker for a Beagle! CUTE pics - love all of them - and the kitty cats are gorgeous too!