Sunday, October 24, 2010

Saturday, Agility

Saturday Zephyr and I went to the Prescott Kennel Club's agility match in Chino Valley.  They were holding an official AKC match so that they can host AKC agility trials.  Since it was a match I decided to enter Zephyr.  Zephyr and I really aren't ready for an AKC trial, we're still working on weaves and definitely working on handling and keeping him focused.  The match was on a very nice fenced grass field.  The ring was not fenced though and was just outlined with poles and rope, which had me really scared.  I'll just say that since puppyhood Zephyr has built himself up a reputation that is known far and wide for getting major cases of the zoomies and refusing to come to me or anyone else.  :-)  This was the first time we were going to attempt to do agility in an unfenced ring at a trial setting.  But, it was a small match with relatively few distractions and I thought it would be a good place to give it a try.

We rode with Chris to the match which made Zephyr and Friday very happy.  Astro was happy too because he got to stay at Chris and Dan's house and play with Linus most of the day.  Astro is doing great and I promise there will be a post featuring him soon.
 The Standard course was first.  This is Rebecca and Charlotte during their great run!  

 Before our first run we met Carrie and Twiggy.  Zephyr was quite taken with Twiggy. 

Here we are setting up for the first run.  Before our first run I was able to let Zephyr run in the fenced field that was next to this one.  I also walked him around the outside of the ring a few times.  I think it helped him calm down a little.  

But, Zephyr was still pretty goofy.  Hmm, he is going the wrong direction on the dogwalk. :-}  Next he entered a tunnel on the wrong side.
 Then after flying off the A-frame he did get a case of the zoomies.  But, I'm happy to say it was a small case, after I called him a few times he kind of came to me and/or didn't run off when I went to him (I can't really remember), and at no time did the boy leave the ring!  Celebrate the small things in life!  I felt a little hot and light headed after all that, I can't imagine why.  ;-) 

Zephyr did a great job on our second run, Jumpers.  Here he is doing a perfect stay during a really long lead out.  I did it to keep him from going straight after the second jump and to make the left turn there easier.  It worked really well and I was so happy with his stay and the way he kept eye contact with me the whole time.

And, he's off!

 I was very happy with our run.  We made it through a nice pinwheel, around to a tunnel, and out to the end.  He missed a few jumps, but he was happy and working with me the whole time.  I was thrilled!


jet said...

very cool! Barbie is starting agility and in her first class she did a big zoomie! After that I got good focus from her though so I think we just need to work on those zoomies at the start.

Greyhounds CAN Sit said...

Way to go you and Zephyr! He looks happy and that's important:-) How do you like the soft sided crate? I've been wondering about getting one.

houndstooth said...

Way to go! It sounds like Zephyr did pretty darned well all things considered. I'm impressed by what he's accomplished!

HandH said...

That's brilliant! I tried it once with Holly, she looked at me and the trainer as if we were mad, and then turned to go home. Great job, Zephyr!

Suzanne said...

Thanks so much for stopping by the blog! I love the photos of your hike on the Peaks. Makes me wish I was up there for the changing of the leaves. (I just missed it when I was up there at the end of September.) I can't believe there is snow on the Peaks already!

Hiking Hounds said...

The soft crate is great. So much easier to carry than my metal one! You just have to make sure they are okay in a crate before leaving them unattended in it. The door fabric on mine wasn't very heavy and it got ripped from pawing. I had the door fabric replaced and the new fabric is a lot better. Plus he's not pawing at it much anymore.