Monday, July 12, 2010

Lots of Pictures from the NADAC Trial in Parks, AZ

It turns out there are lots of pictures from the trial, Yeah!  Thanks to Chris we have these pictures and videos.  There was also a photographer so we I'll be getting some of those pictures too.  The weekend continued to be great.  On Saturday I took the boys to the trial to watch and hang out.  Chris and Friday were entered for the first time on Saturday.  They did an awesome job and even qualified on their second run on Saturday!!  Here are some pictures of them having fun over the weekend. 
The last run on Sunday was Tunnelers and by this time the summer monsoon rains were in full swing.  So, pretty much everyone got to run in heavy rain.  Here's Chris and Friday, you can hear the rain and thunder in the background.  They did an excellent job and missed a Q by only 3.5 seconds.
Mary and Sky had a lot of great runs all weekend and qualified at least a couple of times.  Zephyr has a bit of a crush on Sky, I can see why.  Here they are having a blast.
 And here they are running Tunnelers in the rain.  I'm pretty sure they Q'ed on this run too.
And here's Cristine with Charlie and Twix.  We have been taking agility class with Cristine for the past few months, so it's thanks to her that Zephyr and I are doing well.  Look at them go!!
 This is Alida and Echo.  Zephyr and Echo were Puppy Kindergarten together and some of our first agility classes were from Alida.
Here's Suzie and Cider.  Suzie gave Astro a wonderful stuffed fur covered toy on rope a few weeks ago.  I have to keep it hidden so it doesn't get destroyed.
I ended up entering Zephyr and I in two Regular runs and Tunnelers on Sunday.  Zephyr doesn't have the weaves down yet so we just passed those.  Zephyr did great!  We got off course, but I was always able to regroup him and continue, which was great and I am so proud of him.
 Just a little out ahead of me. :-)  I was able to call him back and put him on the dog walk.
What a happy boy!  
Here's Zephyr's Tunnelers run in the rain.  Zephyr hates the rain, but this past winter he lure coursed in poring rain no problem.  Apparently agility doesn't have quite the pull that coursing does, at least not yet. :-)  It was pretty funny to get to the second tunnel and turn and not see Zephyr.  I looked around real quick and then realized he was still in the tunnel.  What a cutie!
The poor boy.  We gave it a try, but he really wasn't having fun.  I didn't want him to have a bad experience, so after he took the blue tunnel and I saw his sad face poke out I decided to just take him to the finish.  He was heading directly to shelter and I had to grab his waist to keep him from leaving the ring.  
 I enjoyed the run in the rain.  Zephyr was not so impressed.
Thanks again to everyone for a very fun weekend.


BrittBeah said...

Great pics. He really is a very handsome boy.

houndstooth said...

Zephyr is just stunning! I had to laugh about that run in the rain. Poor boy! My girls will tolerate about any weather condition except rain. Ours would have gone in the tunnel and laid down to stay out of the rain!

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

LOL :-) He looks so big coming out of those tunnels... of course, my greyhounds are a bit undersized. Good thinking about not dragging him through the entire tunnel course when he wasn't all that happy about it. Can't wait to see more in the future.

Puppy pictures? Where are puppy pictures? He's probably almost grown!

Aragon greyhounds said...

God job. He looks like he has a smile on his face coming out of the tunnel picture. Smart thinking to not have him do the tunnelers course in the rain. Not good to make agility unfun.

Life With Dogs said...

I love watching Greys at work in agility - I just don't see many, so this was a bonus post!