Monday, September 28, 2009

Meet Astro!

No, not the Jetson's dog. :-)

We came up with the name Astro a while ago (okay, it was before he was born). We really liked it but I was a little concerned that it was kind of goofy and of course everyone would think of the Jetson's dog (who is actually pretty cool too). So I went in search of a more dignified sounding name on the Internet. First I checked the Greek and Roman gods because Zephyrus is the Greek god of the west wind that brings spring. Well, I found a really nice god named Astraeus (or Astraeos) and of course Astro fit perfectly with that. Here is what Wikipedia has to say.


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For the airline, see Astraeus (airline). For the genus of earthstars, see Astraeus (genus).

In Greek mythology, Astraeus or Astraeos or Astraeos (Ancient Greek: Ἀστραῖος) was an astrological deity and the Titan-god of the dusk. His original Greek name, Astraios (Ἀστραῖος), translates as "dawn of the stars" (astra- meaning "stars"; the -eos portion meaning "dawn"), the time when the stars come out, or simply dusk. In Hesiod's Theogony and in the Bibliotheca, Astraeus is a second-generation Titan, descended from Crius and Eurybia.[1] However, Hyginus wrote that he was descended directly from Tartarus and Gaia, and referred to him as one of the Gigantes. Appropriately, as god of the dusk, Astraeus married Eos, goddess of the dawn. Together as nightfall and daybreak they produced many children who are associated with what occurs in the sky during twilight. They had many sons, the four Anemoi ("Winds"): Boreas, Notus, Eurus, and Zephyrus,[2] and the five Astra Planeta ("Wandering Stars", i.e. planets): Phainon (Saturn), Phaethon (Jupiter), Pyroeis (Mars), Eosphoros/Hesperos (Venus), and Stilbon (Mercury). A few sources mention one daughter, Astraea[3] ("stars", fem. personification. Sometimes: "justice"), but most writers considered Astraea the child of Zeus and Themis. He is sometimes associated with Aeolus, the Keeper of the Winds, since winds often swell up around dusk.

Greek Name: AstraioV; Transliteration: Astraios; Latin Spelling: Astraeus; Translation: Of the Stars (astraios)

We'll probably include Astraeus or Astraeos in his registered name. Zephyr is Cebar Winter Solstice Zephyrus (born in winter and Zephyr brings spring after winter) so I am thinking maybe ...... Summer Solstice Astraeos .... (born in summer, nights get longer after the solstice, and Astraeos brings night). Okay, I am kind of a nerdy science type.

Everything went extremely well with his flight to Las Vegas on Saturday morning. He flew with Continental's PetSafe program, which is how Zephyr came to us. Both times the plane arrived a little early and they get dogs off the plane and to the pick up office very fast, like within 10 minutes. We were all there to meet him when he arrived. He was wagging and giving kisses right after the delivery.

After leaving the airport we drove to Boulder City and had lunch at a nice park. Zephyr and Astro got along from the start, but it was a little too hot to do much playing.

After all the excitement everyone was tired and slept on the drive home. Yes, that's a pillow Zephyr's head is on. :-) We had camped the night before picking the puppy up.

When we got home the boys explored the back yard together.

Astro really started to relax and play. He loves toys like Zephyr.

Zephyr really, really wanted to play with Astro right away but Astro wasn't so sure at first. When Zephyr got too excited about it all he did a few crazy laps around the yard. Later they were playing and Astro would duck in to the bushes when he got overwhelmed. It was really cute.

Is that my twin? Annie was the first kitty that he met. He has been doing really well with the cats and they with him.

The next morning Zephyr and Astro were up early and ready to play. It was so cute! Once Zephyr laid down to play they really got nutty and started to play tug.

After playing tug Zephyr was smelling Astro and grooming him all over. No, he is not a perv, he's just really happy to have a new brother.

Later that morning Astro met his cousin, Buster, and went on his first short hike in the forest.

So, he is Astro, and he is so sweet and cute and smart ...... ! Thanks to Dani Edgerton and family, Robert Greene, and Andre' Fairfield for doing this breeding and raising such a happy sweet boy. We couldn't be happier!



Greyt Blog said...

Astro is adorable! I love the name Astro too!

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

Big congrats! Can't wait to get my first puppy puppy. One day!

I never would have thought of the Jetson's with the name Astro (even though I did watch the cartoon as a kid).... but I will now... forever and ever! :-)


Jennifer said...

He is "too cute." And it's wonderful seeing Zephyr taking care of his new brother. 8-)

BrittBeah said...

It's a baby!
How sweet and exciting. Nice to see he and his big brother playing so well together. Welcome to the blogging world Astro, we are happy to have you.